About the Dangers of Leaving Your Child's Cavity Untreated

Does your child have a sensitive tooth due to having an untreated cavity? Prompt treatment from a pediatric dentist, like those at Alaska Dentistry For Kids, is necessary because the cavity can get worse and lead to a damaged pulp chamber. Know the dangers of an untreated cavity, as well as what you will be charged on average to get it filled.

What is Dangerous About Leaving a Cavity Untreated?

If you don't get your child's cavity treated soon enough, it will continue to damage the enamel of the tooth. Eventually, decay will make it to the pulp chamber and damage the nerves in it. Your child will no longer feel pain or sensitivity when the nerves are damaged. You don't want the pain to go away on its own because it is a sign that the cavity has turned into a more serious problem. The blood vessels in the pulp chamber can also get damaged when your child's cavity grows deeper.

Another thing that can happen from leaving a cavity untreated is the development of an abscess. Getting a cavity filled is better than dealing with an abscess, as your child will need to get a root canal if one develops. A root canal is a procedure in which a dentist has to drill a hole in the abscess tooth to treat the pulp chamber and remove damaged nerves and blood vessels from the pulp chamber.

If either the cavity isn't treated, your child can get a full body infection if bacteria makes into his or her bloodstream through the cavity. It is easy for bacteria to get in the bloodstream when the pulp chamber is exposed, so a timely filling is necessary to prevent it.

What is the Average Cost to Get a Cavity Filled?

If your child has dental insurance, you can expect to pay up to $183 for a silver amalgam filling. There is also the option of a tooth colored filling, which runs around $90 plus without insurance, but up to 80% of the cost may be paid with insurance. Cast-gold and porcelain fillings cost an average of $250 plus without dental insurance.

Make sure your child's tooth does not decay away and cause harm to the pulp chamber. Other areas of the body can get affected if bacteria get inside of the pulp chamber. Make your child a dental appointment so the cavity can be filled!