Dental Care Tips For College Kids

If your college-aged child just left to start their next adventure, it can be worrisome that they won't remember to take the best care of themselves. Part of their daily care routine should be keeping up on dental care. If your child has just moved out of the home, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that their dental routine is kept up while they are in college.

1. Well-Thought Out Care Packages

When you visit, bring along new toothbrushes, floss and cool on-the-go cleaning items such as flossing sticks to keep your child stocked in the dorms. When sending care packages or when giving smaller gifts around the holidays, incorporate toiletries that your student might be too busy to stock up on themselves. Your child will never run out of dental supplies and might even have some to spare for friends.

2. Keeping Up With Appointments

If your child has a good relationship with the family dentist, be sure to schedule in appointments when your child is home. Incorporate this into the summer months or longer visits throughout the year. If your child does need to see a dentist in an emergency, make sure that your child's files can be easily sent over for the local dentist to review.

3. Review of New Lifestyle

College can be filled with caffeinated study nights and hopefully some other evenings full of fun. Your child's new routine might actually have negative effects on their teeth if they aren't careful. Have your dentist discuss common dental issues that college students have. If your child's new lifestyle might be interfering with their dental regime, the dentist can discuss the dangers. This can include how late night snacking can lead to cavities or how alcohol and energy drinks can wear down tooth enamel.

4. Travel Dental Insurance

If your child will be studying abroad for the summer or a portion of their college stay, be sure that dental insurance plans are in place just in case this is needed. Many times insurance carriers will offer additional coverage for those abroad, so make sure that your child is covered for both medical and dental.

Starting college can be a stressful and exciting time for your child. They will be busy learning new things and making new friends and may not be making their oral health a priority. Try to make this something that is just a part of life so that your adult child will continue with good dental habits even without you there to remind them.

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