Dental Tips: 3 Natural Alternatives To Traditional Mouthwash

Sometimes you may feel like you need a little extra help with your oral health. But you may not need expensive solutions or even a secret recipe. You can swish a few things around your mouth, and they will get the job done. The following are a few things you can use that will help improve your oral health. They are simple and filled with oral goodness that should help improve your oral health.

1. Use Some Raw Honey

You don't need to add any water or other ingredients, unless you want to. You can just put a spoonful of raw honey in your mouth, and swish it around. Raw honey is highly osmotic, which means it will help dehydrate oral pathogens in your mouth, bringing the pH level in your mouth to a more balanced state. Raw honey is also very antibacterial, mostly due to its hydrogen peroxide content that kills oral pathogens as well.

2. Suck On A Cinnamon Stick

You should find these at your local grocery store. And you should consider the organic option to ensure you receive the purest sticks that you can. As you suck on these, allow your cinnamon-infused saliva to move around your mouth. Cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde, which is a highly active ingredient that helps kill oral pathogens, especially the kind responsible for dental decay and bad breath.

3. Try A Little Coconut Oil

This oil kills harmful bacteria upon contact. This is due to the fat content in coconut oil, which releases a type of acidic secretion that is poison to oral pathogens once it mixes with your saliva. You can use this natural option just like you would the aforementioned ingredients. Or you can swish this oil around for a little longer (about 10-20 minutes); this will help maximize the oral effects and draw out toxins.

When you are done, you should spit the oil in your trash can; try to abstain from spitting it out in your sink because oil does not dissolve easily in water and may lead to clogs. But you can run hot water down the sink should you accidentally spit the oil into your drain.

Now you have a few simple but effective alternatives to traditional mouthwash that will help your oral health. They should also help put some money back in your pocket. Be sure to let your general dentist know about these changes so that he or she can offer other recommendations specific to you.