Alternative Ways To Eat The Foods You Crave But Can't Eat When You Have Braces

When you have braces, the list of foods that you cannot eat can seem endless. However, the inability to eat what you want does not stop you from craving your favorites. If you still want to satisfy your cravings, below are three alternative ways to eat foods you crave without risking damage to your braces

Enjoy Homemade Cooked Apples Instead Of Raw Ones

Since raw apples are hard, you run the risk of damages your wires or dislodging the brackets when you bite into them. If you still want to enjoy the flavor of this fruit, make homemade cooked apples. 

In a small saucepan, add one-half inch pieces of apple, three tablespoons of water and a quarter of a cup of brown sugar. For additional flavor, you can also add a teaspoon of cinnamon or nutmeg. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce heat. Cover the pan, and cook until the apples are soft and tender.

Munch On Nut Butters Instead Of Eating Whole Ones

If you want to munch down on crunchy peanuts or almonds but are unable to because their hard texture could break your brackets, opt for their nut butter counterparts. Although peanut or almond butter does not have the same crunch as the whole nut, you can still enjoy the robust flavor, helping to satisfy your craving.

Cut Up Your Pizza Instead Of Biting Into A Slice

When pizza is a staple in your diet, you do not have to give up its flavor because of your braces. You do, however, need to change the way you eat it. The crust, especially the outer part of it, could pull out your wires.

Instead of biting into a slice, cut off the outer crust, and then cut the rest of the slice into one and a half inch pieces. This takes away the danger of exposing your front teeth's braces to the risk. Use your fingers or fork to place each piece directly on your tongue, and chew with your larger teeth in the back of your mouth.

The above three methods of eating delicious, forbidden foods while you have braces are just some of the ways you can still enjoy what you love. For more information on what you can eat or how to prepare certain foods, or if you have accidentally pulled out a wire or bracket, you may want to ask your orthodontist (such as John C. Matunas D.D.S., PA) for their advice.