How To Prolong The Life Of Your Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can significantly improve the look of your smile by smoothing the teeth's texture, hiding stains and eliminating small gaps. The application process involves removing a very small amount of tooth enamel and using a resin adhesive to secure the veneers. According to several studies reported on Animated Teeth, porcelain veneers typically last at least 10 years. You can prolong the life of your smile by caring for you veneers and the teeth underneath.

Get Regular Check-Ups

It's not exactly a news flash that you should regularly visit your dentist. However, it's especially important after having porcelain veneers applied. Your dentist can detect any minor problems developing with the veneers or the underlying tooth. When caught early, these problems are easy to fix. Plan on at least yearly check-ups, though twice a year is better.

Go Easy on Biting

You don't need to eliminate any foods from your diet, but go easy on biting hard foods such as ice, hard candy and raw carrots. Both the porcelain used in the veneers and the underlying teeth are susceptible to excessive force. Therefore, biting into these foods can cause cracks.

Consume Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Though biting directly into hard fruits and vegetables isn't advisable, it's still good to consume them. Not only do they promote overall health, but they can help remove plaque from your teeth. Focus on produce such as carrots, celery, apples and pears.

Stimulate the Gums and Floss

Whether caring for your natural teeth or veneers, you should floss after every meal. However, after having porcelain veneers applied, it's also important to stimulate the gums. Use a rubber tip gum stimulator to trace around each veneer. This stimulates the flow of blood to the area, thus promoting gum health.

Use Fluoride

To prolong the beauty of your smile, it's essential to care for the underlying teeth. Fluoride helps maintain tooth enamel. Always use a brightening toothpaste with high fluoride content. Additionally, use a mouth wash that contains fluoride, especially right before bedtime. Swish the mouth wash for roughly 30 seconds for maximum benefit.

Brush After Consuming Certain Foods

Dentists always recommend brushing your teeth after meals. However, to avoid stains on your veneers, it's essential to brush after consuming certain foods, such as berries, tomato sauce and beets. Coffee, tea, red wine and dyed sports drinks are also culprits – whenever possible, drink these through a straw. Additionally, highly acidic foods, such as citrus, can erode tooth enamel.

Your porcelain veneers can give you many years of a beautiful smile as long as you take good care of them.