Considering Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Teen

If your teen has come to you with a request for cosmetic dentistry, it is important that you hear them out. Sometimes procedures that may be called cosmetic can actually do some good for your child's oral and mental health. Here are three common cosmetic dentistry procedures and why your teen might benefit from these options.

1. Teeth Straightening

Your teen may not have been blessed with a perfect, straight smile. You might want to ask them to wait until they are older to seek out this procedure, but teeth straightening at a younger age can have its benefits. Straightening can correct jaw alignment or help with other teeth growing in correctly. Your child will have less of a chance for further misalignment or impacted teeth along with a more confident smile for the rest of their life. While orthodontics might not be fully covered by insurance, this can still be a long-term oral health benefit for your child.

2. Teeth Whitening

Yellowing teeth can be caused by a number of things, from lifestyle choices to genetics. If your child would like to pursue teeth whitening, it might a be a good idea for them to visit the dentist and explore safe options. Your dentist can discuss with your child the need for this procedure and can recommend a specialist if this looks like a viable option for your child. Many times at-home kits are discouraged because these wear down enamel. Tooth whitening toothpaste might be an alternative to cosmetic procedures if your child's yellowing teeth aren't as dire as they think.

3. Veneers and Bonding

If your child has overly crooked teeth or their adult teeth have gaps or spacing, they might be a prime candidate for veneers or bonding. Veneers cover teeth completely and can change the shape and length of one's teeth. Bonding is a resin that is applied to teeth and then shaped down to cover up chipped or cracked teeth. You might think this type of cosmetic dentistry is an option your child can pursue later on in adulthood. The thing is, if your child's adult teeth have grown in, these procedures can boost self confidence and can give your child a leg up in the world.

While cosmetic dentistry might be seen as a superficial option by some, these procedures can also have some very real benefits. Don't disregard your child's request to see a cosmetic dentist automatically. At the end of the day, it is important to review any cosmetic options with your family dentist and get a referral to specialist. Avoid any home treatments without an okay through your dentist as well. If your teen will benefit from a cosmetic procedure, this might be a good option for your child.