2 Tips To Prevent Your Forsus Appliance From Breaking

A bad bite can cause your teeth to sit either too far forward or too far back. While this issue can ruin the overall look and aesthetics of your smile, it can also make it difficult to eat properly. In order to help alleviate this problem, your dentist may install a forsus appliance. This appliance attaches to your molars and pushes your upper molars backward while moving the rest of your mouth forward. When worn regularly, a forsus appliance can permanently correct your bite problem. Wearing a forsus appliance constantly can also result in it breaking if you are not careful. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips that you can use in order to protect your forsus appliance from breaking.

Avoid Opening Your Mouth Too Wide

The forsus appliance uses a spring coil to help manage the movement of your mouth and teeth. The design allows your mouth to open normally for speaking and eating. However, opening your mouth past what is considered to be a normal range of eating or speaking can stress the spring coils. Your device may loosen or break apart while in your mouth. If this happens, then you will need to return to your dentist's office in order to get the issue resolved. In order to avoid this, cut your food into small pieces, to ensure that you are able to chew your food without having to take large bites. In addition, you have to take extra effort to control things like yawns to ensure that your mouth is not opening too wide.

Limit Tough Foods

Tough foods may end up breaking apart your dental device if they are eaten all the time. Your forsus appliance is constructed in order to handle pressure from a reasonable amount of force. Foods like nuts and hard candy do not require a reasonable amount of force to consume. Instead, they are extremely difficult to chew and can end up damaging both your device and your real teeth. Therefore, avoid eating these foods until your dental appliance is removed. Try to stick to foods that are either extremely easy to chew or require a normal amount chewing.

Getting a hang of your forsus appliance can be extremely difficult. The device may seem constricting since it works to keep your jaw and teeth from moving out of place. However, with some time and these added tips, you should be able to keep your device in working condition.

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