Ways To Remove White Spots On Your Teeth After Braces

Dental braces can be extremely helpful at correcting crooked teeth. Unfortunately, wearing them for extended periods of time can sometimes cause unsightly white spots to appear on tooth enamel. This is essentially because the braces prevent proper cleaning on certain surfaces of the teeth and also provide areas for bacteria to hide.

The bacteria then gradually erode enamel and minerals on your teeth, causing white spots to occur. This article will provide simple remedies to help mask or remove such spots after your braces are removed so as to restore a healthy smile. 

Diligent brushing and whitening

One simple way to get rid of white spots caused by wearing braces is to be diligent about flossing and brushing. Allowing plaque to accumulate on your teeth can cause bacteria to remove more minerals in your teeth, causing more spots to form and existing ones to fade further.

Poor dental hygiene after brace removal can also cause more enamel erosion in spotted areas, resulting in cavities and tooth sensitivity. Brushing removes layers of plaque, especially in demineralized areas, reducing discoloration and eventually helping to normalize the appearance of your teeth. 

Additionally, supplementing regular brushing with tooth whitening can have a fast and direct impact on the appearance of your teeth. Professional tooth whitening using hydrogen peroxide solutions can essentially brighten undamaged areas of your enamel after your braces are removal, giving your teeth a more uniform appearance. It is advisable not to use at-home whitening kits, as they are often erosive and can cause further damage to spotted areas on your teeth.

Veneers and composite restoration 

If you have excessive spotting after your braces are removed, you can mask the imperfections by getting dental veneers. These are typically slivers of porcelain that are affixed on the surface of your damaged teeth using dental cement. The result is usually a natural looking tooth with no visible marks on it. 

In some cases, excessive tooth erosion by bacteria can cause white spots that are sunken below the surface. Such recessed areas can easily trap food particles because they are usually hard to clean, causing problems such as tooth decay. Cosmetic dentists typically use composite reins that resemble your natural teeth to fill up the damaged area and cover up the discoloration. 

If orthodontic treatment has left you with white spots on the enamel around or under where the braces were mounted, don't panic. A dentist like Family 1st Dental can help remove or mask the discoloration, giving you a bright smile and healthy teeth.