Don't Let Your Teeth Suffer: How To Avoid Dental Problems While Working On Your Summer Body

If you're like a lot of people, you ramp up your exercise routine during the spring to achieve that perfect summer body. Unfortunately, your quest for the perfect summer body can cause serious harm to your teeth. You may not realize this, but your exercise routine has a direct correlation with dental health. To make sure you don't trade dental health for a better body, here are four important steps you should add to your new health regimen.

Bring Water to the Gym

You know that drinking water during exercise is the best way to prevent dehydration. However, you might not know that it's a key way to prevent exercise-related dental problems. When you exercise, your body reduces the amount of saliva that's produced, which leads to dry mouth. Unfortunately, bacteria has an easier time forming in a dry mouth, and so does plaque and tartar. To avoid saliva depletion while your exercising, be sure to bring water with you to the gym. It's also important that you take a drink of water each time your mouth feels dry.

Watch the Added Sugar

If you've decided to switch to a healthier diet as part of your quest for a great summer body, it's important that you watch for the added sugar. Even if you've cut soda and processed sugar from your diet, you could still be consuming higher quantities of natural sugar, especially if you're eating more fruit. Not only that but many low-fat foods replace the fat with higher concentrations of sugar. To protect your teeth, try to limit the amount of low-fat foods you eat, and rinse your mouth after eating fresh fruit.

Go Easy on the Sports Drinks

If you've replaced your plain water with sports drinks during your workouts, you could be putting your teeth at risk for decay and enamel loss. Most fruit flavored sports drinks contain citric acid, which can soften the enamel on your teeth. If you're going to consume sports drinks, be sure to avoid those that contain citric acid.

Supplement with Vitamins

If you've implemented a rigorous exercise program to your daily schedule, you could be depleting you system of vital minerals and vitamins that your teeth need to stay healthy and strong. You can protect your teeth by adding a multi-vitamin to your daily health routine. It's also a good idea to increase the amount of green leafy vegetables, oily fish, and calcium that you consume. Adding those to your diet will protect your teeth while you're working towards your summer body.

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