Do Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies Work?

Normally, in the world of teeth whitening, there are only a few methods that have been proven to work. For example, having your teeth bleached by a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening is one of the most reliable teeth whitening methods. However, you may wonder if natural teeth whitening methods may also work.

Beware of Abrasive Remedies

Fruits are sometimes recommended as a way to whiten your teeth. While most fruits are great for your overall health, the acids found in some fruits actually harm your pearly whites by eroding the protective enamel. Enamel plays an important role in protecting your teeth from cavities.

Two fruits in particular often used to fight stains are strawberries and lemons. Strawberries use malic acid to weaken and dissolve stains. Lemons contain citric acid which has a similar effect. However, these acids can make the problem more severe over time by creating craters in your teeth that allow for stains to more easily form.

Baking soda is another product that operates on the premise of scrubbing the stains away thanks to its abrasiveness. But like with the acids found in fruits, baking soda often wears away the enamel on your teeth, leaving them less protected. Activated charcoal has a similar effect on your teeth.

Some Remedies are Useless

Some natural treatments have no scientific research backing them, such as coconut oil or turmeric. While these remedies might not damage your teeth in particular, you will simply be wasting your time.

Water Can Prevent Your Teeth from Becoming Stained

While there are no natural remedies that will whiten your teeth, there are ways you can change your diet to help keep your teeth white. Drinking water frequently can wash away stains and is a better alternative to sodas, which are likely to stain your teeth. When you drink a soda, coffee or tea, drink with a straw to reduce how much contact your teeth makes with these liquids. 

Your Best Bet is to Visit a Teeth Whitening Specialist

Because natural remedies are not very effective, you are better off with a professional teeth whitening service. Even over-the-counter teeth whitening products such as whitening strips or whitening toothpaste are not as effective as a trip to the dentist. A dentist can not only whiten your teeth but can also give your teeth a professional cleaning that reduces the risk that they will become stained in the future.