Three Benefits Of A Family Dentists Over A General Dentist

As a parent, one of the essential healthcare services you need regularly is dental health for your family. However, as far as family dental healthcare is concerned, you have two options. You can either use a family dentist or a general dentist for your family's dental healthcare.

Though both types of dentists receive the same training and generally provide the same services, you get to enjoy more advantages with a family dentist than a general dentist. Here are three reasons why a family dentist is better suited for your family's dental healthcare than general dentists.

No Age Restrictions

General dentists usually have age restrictions based on their specialties. For instance, if a general dentist specializes in pediatric dentistry, they will strictly limit their services to children. Thus, the adults in your family will have to seek dental healthcare from different general dentists, and chances are the other general dentists will not cater to children. Thus, you will have to utilize multiple dentists for the whole family.

However, family dentists cater to the whole family irrespective of age. A family dental group is a team of dentists who provide an assortment of dental care services for all age sets. Thus, when you visit a family dental practice/group, you can rest assured that every member of your family, whether toddlers, teenagers, adults, or senior citizens, will get served by the same family dentists.

Multiple Services Under One Roof

As mentioned earlier, general dentists often specialize in one area of dentistry. However, a family may need multiple types of services that a single general dentist doesn't provide. Hence, you may need to use a different general dentist for every member of your family, depending on the type of services they need.

However, family dentists also specialize in one or two areas of dentistry. However, unlike general dentists, family dentists band together to form a family dental group. Hence, a family dental group is often composed of different dentists, each specializing in a separate area of dentistry. Thus, unlike a general dentist, a family dental group can provide all the various dental services your family requires under one roof.

Centralized Dental Records

Using multiple general dentists makes it challenging to keep track of your family's dental health because the individual dental records of your family members are with different dentists. Hence, if there is a recurring/hereditary dental condition in your family, the general dentists may not be able to detect it.

However, by using a family dentist, your family's dental records will be under the care of a single dental practice. With access to your family's entire dental history, it is easier for the family dentists to detect a hereditary dental condition from the records. Thus, a family dentist can then be on the lookout for signs of the genetic dental condition in your children and perform the necessary treatment to prevent them from acquiring it.