Common Services Offered By Preventive Dental Care Clinics

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased awareness among Americans on the importance of good oral health. According to a report from Delta Dental, 90% of Americans believe maintaining good oral hygiene is key in keeping healthy and improving immunity during the pandemic. Moreover, 72% of Americans have improved the attention paid to their oral and dental hygiene.

The information above is essential in keeping with directives from dental experts and the American Dental Association that improving oral health improves a person's overall health. Dentists offer preventative dental care services to ensure proper dental hygiene through routine check-ups and good dental practices. Below are examples of preventative dental care services that dental patients should expect when visiting a dentist.

Complete Oral Exam

Typically, dentists perform a diagnostic exam on all patients before commencing any treatment procedure. The oral exam allows the dentist to gather enough critical information regarding a patient's dental and oral health. Usually, dentists keep copies of the oral exam as baseline information on a patient's oral health that gets updated periodically with more exams. Thus, the first use of information collected from an oral exam is to update a dental patient's existing medical history. Preventative dental care services also administer oral exams to chart existing crowns, bridges, and fillings, assess the occlusion and position of the tongue, and check for signs of early illnesses like mouth and throat cancer. Thus, people should rely on preventative dental care services to gather crucial information on their oral health.

Dental X-rays

Dentists providing preventative dental care services often use dental X-rays to image and properly evaluate a patient's oral health. Complete oral exams are effective and do not require a lot of time or specialized equipment. However, there are some dental conditions that a dentist cannot pick out with a naked eye. Thus, dentists providing preventative dental care services use low-radiation X-rays to image the interior of a patient's gums and teeth. Dentists easily identify cavities, impacted teeth, and decayed teeth from dental X-rays to track the progress of a patient's dental problem or treatment. 

Dental Cleaning Services

Dental cleaning is an essential part of any preventative dental care service. Dental cleaning services remove plaque and dirt from the teeth, preventing cavities, gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontal diseases. In addition to preventing dental problems, dental cleaning enhances people's smiles and confidence. People with stained or decayed teeth often find it difficult to communicate and express themselves. Preventative dental care services offer routine cleaning, deep cleaning, and scaling to guarantee quality and professionally cleaned teeth.