Business People: Discreetly Straighten Your Teeth With Clear Aligners

If you're a business owner who must physically interact with customers and other businesses on a daily basis, you may feel uncomfortable about how your teeth look. You may even consider getting traditional braces to straighten your teeth. But if you don't want other people to know about your braces, you may skip your orthodontic treatment altogether. You can straighten your teeth with discreet clear aligners. Learn more about clear aligners and how they can discreetly straighten your teeth below. 

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners, or invisible and clear braces, are nontraditional orthodontic appliances that straighten, or realign, your upper and lower teeth. The appliances don't look like traditional metal or ceramic orthodontic braces but function in the same or similar way as those appliances do. When used as instructed, clear aligners can improve the overall functions and appearance of your teeth and jaw.

The flexible but firm material used to create clear aligners is virtually clear, or without color. Adults who prefer to remain discreet with their orthodontic care may find the clear appearance of the braces beneficial to their needs. Most people may not see or notice that you wear clear braces until they look closely at your teeth.

Clear aligners also come custom-fitted to the dimensions, sizes, and locations of your teeth. The custom-fit allows the braces to move your teeth into the correct placement without compromising your oral health. Some people may complain of discomfort when they wear traditional orthodontic braces, especially during the tightening stage of the process. A dentist doesn't need to tighten clear aligners to move your teeth. You normally receive new aligners throughout your treatment.

If you think clear aligners are something you can use to straighten your teeth, contact a dental provider today.

How Do You Obtain Your Clear Aligners?

A dentist may need to evaluate the position of your teeth before they recommend or custom-fit clear braces to you. Clear aligners work best on people who don't have severe malocclusions with their teeth. If you have a severe malocclusion to fix, a dentist may recommend you wear ceramic braces for it.

If you don't have a severe malocclusion to repair, a dentist will custom-fit you for clear invisible braces. The first thing a practitioner may do is make molds of your upper and lower teeth. Molds contain the exact dimensions, indentations, and shapes of your natural teeth. The molds help a dentist design your initial set of aligners. 

After you obtain your aligners, a provider will instruct you on how to wear and maintain them. The amount of time you must wear your braces may depend on the overall position of your teeth. A provider will go over everything you need to know about your clear braces during your evaluation and fitting.

Learn more about clear aligners by contacting a dentist soon.