3 Options For Dental Braces With Limited Visibility

Dental braces offer some of the best treatments for crooked teeth. However, some people do not like how traditional metal braces look on teeth. Below are three types of braces that offer minimal visibility.

1. Ceramic Braces

As the name suggests, dentists manufacture ceramic braces from ceramic — heat-hardened inorganic materials such as clay. However, dentists design ceramic braces to mimic natural tooth color. Your dentist will customize your braces to match your teeth's color since natural teeth color comes in different shades for different people.

Matching ceramic braces to your teeth color makes them less noticeable. Those who notice ceramic braces also consider them attractive. Many also find ceramic braces more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

However, ceramic braces are not suitable for those with extreme malocclusion. The braces are also susceptible to cracking or chipping if subjected to strong forces. Your dentist will evaluate your malocclusion, dental history, and oral habits to determine whether ceramic braces are good for you.

2. Lingual Braces

You can also opt for lingual braces that the dentist places behind the teeth. The placement means others will only notice the braces if you open your mouth wide and they peer into your mouth. Otherwise, no one will even know you have braces. Dentists customize lingual braces because everyone's mouth differs.

Besides invisibility, lingual braces are also safe for those playing contact sports. For example, a blow to the mouth might crack ceramic braces that dentists place in front of the teeth, but not the hidden lingual braces. The lingual brace's placement also means you can easily place musical (wind) instruments that require placement.

Take extra care when cleaning your teeth if you have lingual braces. The placement means the braces can easily trap food and increase your risk of dental diseases.  

3. Clear aligners

The third option is clear aligners, which are less noticeable because they allow your natural teeth color to show through. Clear aligners like Invisalign are a great option for those without teeth discolorations. Clear aligners are also less noticeable because they do not need brackets or wires for attachment like other braces.

Like the other braces, the dentist will customize the clear aligners to fit your teeth and provide the deserved adjustment. Many people love the aligners because they are removable. For example, you can remove your clear aligners while eating. However, you should not leave the aligners out of your mouth for long since they only work while on the teeth.

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