Tooth Replacement Options For One Or More Missing Teeth

Many people suffer from tooth loss. Some people may only lose one tooth in a palate. However, others may lose multiple teeth from their upper or lower jaw. If you have lost several permanent teeth, the loss may be negatively impacting your appearance and your ability to chew. Even though the permanent teeth do not regenerate, you can still enjoy a full smile.  Dental applications are available to replace one or more missing teeth.

How Blood Thinning Medication Affects Dental Implants

Most dental implants are attached via what is known as a flap procedure. This involves a small incision in the gingival tissue (your gums), creating the flap in question. The flap allows your dentist to see the underlying bone, assess the height and width of its ridge, and find the best placement of the implant. The flap can then be repositioned to create the best environment to hold the implant and help it heal.