Root Canal On An Abutment Tooth: Is It Possible?

The specifics of a root canal might sound a little crude. After all, a dentist must make an access hole in the tooth, extract the inflamed dental pulp (the nerve) that has been troubling you, before thoroughly cleaning the tooth’s hollow, filling it, and then sealing the tooth. But this is the simplest form of treatment when a tooth’s pulp cannot recover. Its goal is to return the tooth to full functionality.

The Removal Of An Abscessed Tooth

An untreated cavity, improper dental work, or damage to the mouth can result in an abscess. The pus within the tooth can cause dental pain. A dentist should be consulted with if an abscess is present. In some cases a tooth extraction may be the treatment course that must be followed. An Abscess Being subjected to an abscess does not mean that a person has poor oral hygiene. Often, there are outside triggers that contribute to this type of dental problem.

Headaches After Receiving A Dental Implant: A Cause For Concern?

Dental implants involve a small surgical procedure, and it’s unrealistic to assume that you won’t need any recovery time. The implantation of the titanium alloy screw in your jaw is a moderately demanding time for your body, and you’ll need adequate time to recuperate. This involves a day or two of rest (requiring time off work, with no arduous physical activity). You can also expect some discomfort, swelling, and even light bruising.