So You Need A Root Canal: 4 Common Myths Exposed

Time for a root canal treatment? This procedure involves your dentist removing infected pulp inside your tooth and then sealing the space to prevent further problems or infection. Although root canals are serious procedures, they’re usually not as bad as most people think they are. Myth 1: Root Canals Cause Terrible Pain One of the most common myths about root canals is that they are very painful. While older methods did often cause pain during and after the procedure, modern root canal methods aren’t nearly as painful.

Understanding Dentures And The Issue Of Bone Loss

Dentures have often been used to replace missing teeth, whether several teeth are missing or the entire dental arch is in need of restoration. And, while dentures are the best choice for many, there are some concerns over jaw bone loss. If this is a concern of yours, keep reading to learn why it happens and what you can do about it. Why Is Bone Loss An Issue? Bone loss is a concern when it comes to dentures because consistent pressure is no longer placed on the jaw in the same way it was when the teeth were present.

Dos And Don'ts Of Dealing With Aligners That Bother Your Gums Slightly

When you get your teeth straightened through the process of Invisalign, you’ll quickly get used to wearing the custom aligners that will turn a crooked smile into a photo-worthy one. Your dental professional takes precise measurements of your mouth so that the aligners will fit properly, but there’s a small chance that you’ll notice a slight amount of gum discomfort where the aligner touches your gum. Or, it’s also possible that you’ll have a gum irritation for some other reason that feels worse because of the aligner’s presence.

Tips For Successfully Flossing Your Child's Teeth

Many parents know the importance of brushing their children’s teeth from the time that teeth begin to appear but may not give much thought to flossing. This might be because they don’t often bother flossing themselves. It’s important for you to be dedicated to flossing your child’s teeth as this simple daily process can go a long way toward preventing a variety of dental problems that can have you visiting the pediatric dentist more often than you’d like.

When Are Full Arch Dental Implants Needed?

Most people are aware that they can use dental implants to replace missing teeth. However, what do you do when you’re missing multiple teeth? Many people with most of their teeth meeting resort to using dentures. However, using dentures can put you on a restricted diet, and there’s also the chance of the dentures slipping out in public. Full arch dental implants have been identified as a much better alternative to traditional dentures.

Have A Child That Grinds Their Teeth? Know These Three Things

If you have a child with a habit of teeth grinding, know that is is something that can cause some significant damage to their teeth. Read on to learn more about teeth grinding and what you can do to help. Why Teeth Grinding Happens Teeth grinding often happens while a kid is sleeping, and it can happen due to several reasons. Stress can be a big factor, so consider whether your child is having a particularly stressful time in their life.