Say Goodbye To Cavities: 3 Vitamins And Supplements For Your Oral Health

Tooth decay is one of the most chronic diseases amongst children and adults alike. The worst part about it is that tooth decay is 100 percent preventable. Luckily, the prevalence of cavities has reduced over the years, it is still a major concern among many, especially young children. If you’re looking for a way to naturally reduce, prevent and treat tooth decay, here are a few vitamins and supplements that you may want to consider adding to your diet:

Trouble With Your Jaw? 4 Signs You Might Have TMJ

If you think you should only see your dentist when you have problems with your teeth, you’re incorrect. You should also see your dentist when you have problems with your jaw. One specific condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder – or TMJ – can cause significant problems for you. In some cases, you might not even realize you have something wrong with your jaw. Here are four symptoms you should watch out for.

Dental Tips: 3 Natural Alternatives To Traditional Mouthwash

Sometimes you may feel like you need a little extra help with your oral health. But you may not need expensive solutions or even a secret recipe. You can swish a few things around your mouth, and they will get the job done. The following are a few things you can use that will help improve your oral health. They are simple and filled with oral goodness that should help improve your oral health.

3 Ways To Improve Your Child's Oral Health

As a parent, you are an advocate for your child’s health, whether you are taking them to the dentist or teaching them healthy habits to take care of their teeth and gums. You already know that you should take your child to the dentist at least twice a year and encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day. You can also take steps every day to boost your child’s oral health.

Beyond Calcium: 3 Nutrients You Need For Dental Health

When most people think of dental health, calcium is the first nutrient that comes to mind. While this mineral is certainly important for keeping your teeth strong and in good shape, it is not the only nutrient necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. If you want to preserve your dental health, you should ensure you’re getting enough of these three nutrients, too. Vitamin D Vitamin D plays a role in helping the calcium make its way into your teeth, from your bloodstream.

Dental Care Tips For College Kids

If your college-aged child just left to start their next adventure, it can be worrisome that they won’t remember to take the best care of themselves. Part of their daily care routine should be keeping up on dental care. If your child has just moved out of the home, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that their dental routine is kept up while they are in college.

Six Bad Habits to Avoid with Dentures

Dentures can give you back your confidence so that you are once again smiling. Although you won’t have to worry about cavities with your dentures, there are still some bad habits that can ruin that new smile. The following are few things you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your dentures looking good. Bad Habit #1: Smoking Smoking isn’t just bad for your health, it is also hard on your dentures.

Which Type Of Bridge Is Right For You?

If you’re missing teeth, a bridge can help fill in the gaps. This restores your full smile, giving your teeth a better appearance. It also helps correct bite issues, making it easier to chew and preventing surrounding teeth from slipping into the space created by your missing teeth. Talk to a local dentist (such as David Semrau, DDS) for help making a final decision on which type of bridge is best for your personal situation.

Understanding Invisible Braces: What You Need To Know

When it comes to needing orthodontic work, many children and teens are none too excited about the prospect. After all, middle school and high school are tough on kids anyway, as you may very well remember. And that is even without metal brackets decorating their teeth for years. So, if your child needs orthodontic work, they may have asked you if they can get invisible braces, such as Invisalign. Before you make a decision one way or the other, be sure to get all of the important facts about invisible braces.

Stemmed Dental Implants: An Intriguing New Invention

If you are considering getting dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, ask the dentist about a recent innovation known as stemmed implants. These devices offer some advantages over the conventional screw implants. Stemmed implants are not available to the public yet, but if the technology sounds intriguing to you, the dentist might be able to help you participate in a clinical trial.  About Stemmed Dental Implants These new dental implants have two straight metal rods that are inserted into the jawbone.

4 Tips For Reducing Tooth Sensitivity

Do you have overly sensitive teeth? Do you cringe in pain when you eat certain foods, or when your dentist pokes at some of your teeth? That sensitivity is usually caused be a loss of enamel, which serves as a protective coating for your teeth. When you lose enamel, your teeth’s nerves and roots can become exposed, leading to those sharp pains you may feel when you eat certain foods. To reduce the pain, you’ll likely need to stop the enamel loss and take steps to protect your teeth.

2 Amazing Ways Science Is Improving Dental Implants

Dental implants are already a pretty amazing innovation. Instead of being stuck with dentures or bridges that move around in your mouth or affect your speech, your dentist can give you a replica of an actual tooth that is so close to the actual tooth that no one can see the difference, and you can’t even feel the difference. However, dental implants may soon be even more advanced and amazing. Take a look at two remarkable innovations that are making dental implants an even better choice for your mouth.

About the Dangers of Leaving Your Child's Cavity Untreated

Does your child have a sensitive tooth due to having an untreated cavity? Prompt treatment from a pediatric dentist, like those at Alaska Dentistry For Kids, is necessary because the cavity can get worse and lead to a damaged pulp chamber. Know the dangers of an untreated cavity, as well as what you will be charged on average to get it filled. What is Dangerous About Leaving a Cavity Untreated? If you don’t get your child’s cavity treated soon enough, it will continue to damage the enamel of the tooth.

4 Things That Great Dental Patients Do Before Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are desirable by those who are looking to replace any missing teeth that they may have. If this is the case for you, you will find that your smile will appear fuller and healthier and you will no longer be embarrassed to smile in front of the camera. However, before you actually go in for the procedure of dental implants, you will want to remember these four things you must do:

What To Do If You Chip A Front Tooth

Even though your teeth can withstand plenty of crunching and munching, there are times when chewing on ice, grinding your teeth, or playing a rough sport might cause you to chip one. A chipped front tooth not only looks unsightly, but can also be pretty painful and annoying. Should you suffer a chipped tooth, follow these steps to handle the situation properly: Step 1: Ease the pain. If the chip is large, it may expose the deeper layers of your teeth, where sensory nerves reside.

4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Cavities

For many people, visiting the dentist isn’t a pleasant experience. More often than not, though, this has less to do with the dentist than with the sorry state of the patient’s dental health and the huge cost to fix it. One of the biggest culprits of sub-par dental health is the simple cavity–a hole in the tooth caused by plaque and the germs it carries. Read on to discover four easy ways to avoid cavities (and sky-high dental bills) in the future.

3 Oral Health Concerns That Come With Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, your whole life changes. It is an exciting period in your life that is full of new challenges and hopes. Taking care of your body must be a high priority; being in good health means that your baby can develop with minimal risk of complications. During pregnancy, you should still focus on making sure that your mouth is healthy. Your oral health is reflective of your overall health, and as your body changes during pregnancy, your oral tissues can become affected.

Causes And Prevention Of Dental Implant Failure

Dental implants are one of the best options available for dealing with missing teeth, but it is not without complications. Although most people who have the implants do not experience problems, there are a few people who do have implant failure. To avoid implant failure, it is important you understand what it is and what you can do to prevent it: What Is Dental Implant Failure? Dental implant failure occurs when the implant does not properly fuse to your jawbone.

Lost A Tooth To Extraction? Here's Why You Need To Fill That Hole

Dentists, such as Quality Dental Care, try hard to save natural teeth whenever possible. But sometimes a tooth is so damaged – due to either trauma or decay – that there is no option but to extract the tooth. It might be tempting to simply leave the now empty space as it is, instead of paying big for a replacement. But there are some serious potential problems when leaving a tooth gap.

Dental Abscesses: Symptoms And Treatment

If you have a toothache that is continuous, severe and that results in a throbbing or shooting pain, these are often indicators that you might have an abscessed tooth. If this infection kills the tooth, your toothache may stop. However, the infection is still going to be there, spreading and destroying tissue. So if you have any of the following symptoms, you should go to a dentist even if the pain goes away:

Laser Dentistry – The Benefits And Applications Of Laser Technology In The Dentist's Office

Currently, only about 6% of dentists employ laser dentistry today, but this emerging technology is becoming more popular. Lasers use a very concentrated beam of light to do dental work instead of traditional drilling techniques. If you’re looking for comfort and safety in the dentist’s office, you may want to find a dentist offering the latest laser technology in the office. Laser Dentistry Applications By using lasers, dentists are able to perform many dental procedures for both common and uncommon dental procedures.

Emergency Medical Care—Quick, What To Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth From An Accident

If your son or daughter has recently experienced a dental trauma and one or more teeth was lost, it is crucial to remember that even after a tooth was lost, it can still be successfully re-implanted. However, there are strict time limits for doing so and missing even one tooth can be risky to their future dental health.  When Do You Do When A Young Child Lost A Tooth From An Accident Or Injury?