Preventive Dental Services

Restorative dental procedures are available for patients who have sustained damage to their teeth from decay or trauma. However, restorative services can often be avoided if proper preventive care is received.  Here are a few preventive dental services that help you maintain the health of your teeth. Routine Scaling Routine dental scalings, which are performed during regular dental checkups, remove tartar from the teeth. The tartar, which is dental plaque that has calcified, is firmly attached to the surfaces of the teeth.

Dental Tips For College Students

When you go off to college, you’ll have more to think about than staying on top of your classes. You’ll also want to keep in mind that many college students gain weight due to their bad eating habits they take on once they are no longer eating that home cooking they enjoyed at home. With all that fast food and junk food also comes other risks and one of those includes a lot of possible dental problems.

Applications That May Be Needed To Correct Your Dental Alignment

If your teeth are crooked, your dentist may suggest an orthodontic correction. However, multiple orthodontic services may be required to give you straighter teeth.  Here are a few common applications that may be needed to realign your teeth. Extractions Having teeth pulled may seem to have little to do with a straighter smile. However, some people have too many teeth in their mouth to permit the proper alignment of the teeth.

Family History Of Lazy Eyes? Take Your Child To A Pediatric Eye Care Specialist Now

You grew up with a lazy eye, and other people in your family have also developed one. And while your child hasn’t yet shown symptoms, you are worried that they might. Talk to a pediatric eye doctor right away to ensure that they don’t run into any problems with amblyopia, or lazy eye. Lazy Eye Can Be a Difficult Situation for Many The development of a lazy eye can take several years, during which time the changes to your child’s eye may be subtle or hard to notice without multiple inspections.

Facing Your Fears Before A Dental Implant Surgery

When you are going to undergo dental implant surgery, you might be concerned about the whole procedure, whether it will be painful and what it will be like. A lot of patients are afraid of undergoing procedures such as dental implant surgery, but dentists fortunately have techniques in place that can be used to help you overcome your fears. Anxiety Vs. Phobia First, you’ll need to know if you are suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia.

4 Types Of Partial Dentures To Discuss With Your Dentist

If you are missing several teeth in a row, your dentist may recommend a partial denture to replace them. However, partial dentures are not one-size-fits-all devices. Rather, there are several different types of partial dentures, and you should discuss each of them with your dentist to get a better idea of which one might be right for you. Light Alloy Dentures Light alloy dentures are made from a lightweight metal. Because they are so light, they are not overly noticeable in your mouth.

So You Need A Root Canal: 4 Common Myths Exposed

Time for a root canal treatment? This procedure involves your dentist removing infected pulp inside your tooth and then sealing the space to prevent further problems or infection. Although root canals are serious procedures, they’re usually not as bad as most people think they are. Myth 1: Root Canals Cause Terrible Pain One of the most common myths about root canals is that they are very painful. While older methods did often cause pain during and after the procedure, modern root canal methods aren’t nearly as painful.

Understanding Dentures And The Issue Of Bone Loss

Dentures have often been used to replace missing teeth, whether several teeth are missing or the entire dental arch is in need of restoration. And, while dentures are the best choice for many, there are some concerns over jaw bone loss. If this is a concern of yours, keep reading to learn why it happens and what you can do about it. Why Is Bone Loss An Issue? Bone loss is a concern when it comes to dentures because consistent pressure is no longer placed on the jaw in the same way it was when the teeth were present.

Dos And Don'ts Of Dealing With Aligners That Bother Your Gums Slightly

When you get your teeth straightened through the process of Invisalign, you’ll quickly get used to wearing the custom aligners that will turn a crooked smile into a photo-worthy one. Your dental professional takes precise measurements of your mouth so that the aligners will fit properly, but there’s a small chance that you’ll notice a slight amount of gum discomfort where the aligner touches your gum. Or, it’s also possible that you’ll have a gum irritation for some other reason that feels worse because of the aligner’s presence.

Tips For Successfully Flossing Your Child's Teeth

Many parents know the importance of brushing their children’s teeth from the time that teeth begin to appear but may not give much thought to flossing. This might be because they don’t often bother flossing themselves. It’s important for you to be dedicated to flossing your child’s teeth as this simple daily process can go a long way toward preventing a variety of dental problems that can have you visiting the pediatric dentist more often than you’d like.

When Are Full Arch Dental Implants Needed?

Most people are aware that they can use dental implants to replace missing teeth. However, what do you do when you’re missing multiple teeth? Many people with most of their teeth meeting resort to using dentures. However, using dentures can put you on a restricted diet, and there’s also the chance of the dentures slipping out in public. Full arch dental implants have been identified as a much better alternative to traditional dentures.

Have A Child That Grinds Their Teeth? Know These Three Things

If you have a child with a habit of teeth grinding, know that is is something that can cause some significant damage to their teeth. Read on to learn more about teeth grinding and what you can do to help. Why Teeth Grinding Happens Teeth grinding often happens while a kid is sleeping, and it can happen due to several reasons. Stress can be a big factor, so consider whether your child is having a particularly stressful time in their life.

Lost Tooth? Don't Put It Back Into Place In These Situations

When you lose a tooth playing sports or in some other type of accident, many dentists will recommend that you push the tooth back into place and then seek an emergency dental service to assess the issue and, hopefully, save your tooth. Putting the tooth back in its socket can go a long way toward saving the tooth, but there are times that this may not be possible. For example, if the tooth has broken off rather than popped out, you won’t be able to push the broken piece back into place.

Three Reasons To Ask Your Dentist About Clear Braces Today

“Metal mouth” is an old schoolyard insult for someone with braces, but the stigma that some people feel thanks to their braces can last well into adulthood. While you surely know that getting braces is the right thing to do for your dental health, it’s understandable if you are feeling self-conscious about the decision. Luckily, it’s possible today to get braces that are much less noticeable. Here are three reasons to ask your dentist about clear braces.

Weird, Bony Lumps On The Roof Of Your Mouth: What Is Torus Palatinus And Should You Be Worried?

You know you need to see your dentist when you have a toothache or a chipped or broken tooth and, of course, for your regular annual checkup, but did you know that your dentist can also diagnose a number of less-common and often downright-weird developments in your mouth? If you’ve discovered a strange, hard lump or two on your upper (or lower) palate, before you freak out, learn more about torus palatinus (and mandibularis) and how your dentist can help.

What Determines Whether You'll Get A Filling Or A Crown?

When a person needs to have their teeth fixed, two of the most common solutions practitioners will employ are dental fillings and crowns. A filling involves drilling out existing material and replacing the created whole with new material, and a crown calls for much of the outside of a tooth to be removed and replaced with a cap. What might seem perplexing, however, is precisely why a dentist may elect to perform one procedure versus the other.

Do Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies Work?

Normally, in the world of teeth whitening, there are only a few methods that have been proven to work. For example, having your teeth bleached by a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening is one of the most reliable teeth whitening methods. However, you may wonder if natural teeth whitening methods may also work. Beware of Abrasive Remedies Fruits are sometimes recommended as a way to whiten your teeth. While most fruits are great for your overall health, the acids found in some fruits actually harm your pearly whites by eroding the protective enamel.

Are You Candidate For Clear Teeth Aligners? What You Need To Know

If you are an adult who is considering teeth straightening, you have a few different options. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are very popular with adults because they are virtually invisible, which is ideal if you do not want to have visible braces on your teeth. However, if you are strongly leaning toward clear aligners, you need to make sure you are a viable candidate. You need to consider the following:

Don't Let Your Teeth Suffer: How To Avoid Dental Problems While Working On Your Summer Body

If you’re like a lot of people, you ramp up your exercise routine during the spring to achieve that perfect summer body. Unfortunately, your quest for the perfect summer body can cause serious harm to your teeth. You may not realize this, but your exercise routine has a direct correlation with dental health. To make sure you don’t trade dental health for a better body, here are four important steps you should add to your new health regimen.

What To Expect When Having Braces Put On

Dental braces are no longer just for children. Many adults are now taking action and getting their teeth straightened out like they may have wanted to do for a long time. If this is the position you find yourself in, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of what you should be expecting when it comes to the process of getting braces. To help with this, you will want to continue reading.

Suffering From Periodontitis? Options For Restoring Your Smile

Most people understand the importance of brushing, flossing, and getting professional dental cleanings. Not only are these tasks necessary for the look of your smile, but they are also important for the underlying health of your mouth, teeth, and gums. Of course, many people develop dental disorders even though they feel they are practicing good oral hygiene. Periodontitis is the second stage of gum disease, which affects the gum tissue, teeth, and the actual bone supporting your teeth.

Invisalign 101: How To Maintain Your Trays For A Beautiful Smile

Invisalign is a common choice for orthodontia and cosmetic dentistry. Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing your Invisalign, giving you a lovely smile even before the treatment is over. Invisalign trays still become dirty, no matter how good you are at taking them out to eat or drink. They also are liable to break or scratch if you are not careful. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to maintaining your trays.

4 Immediate Advantages Of Getting Dental Implants

If you have teeth that are missing, you’ll want to take time to replace these by getting dental implants. This is a surgical procedure that will put a titanium post in your jawbone to secure your restoration. There are many benefits of having this done, and the sooner you do, the better. Being aware of the ways this process can help you may be the motivation you need to get started.

Your Teeth During Cold And Flu Season

When flu season arrives, it is important to make sure you follow a lot of tips to help prevent yourself from getting the flu. Some of the things you can do to help decrease your chances of getting the flu include using hand sanitizer during the day, using handy wipes to wipe down cart handles, getting the flu shot, avoiding crowded places when possible and wiping down the surfaces of your home regularly.

What You Should Know About Dental Implant Risks

Have you been thinking about getting dental implants to make your smile more attractive? If so, it is important to know the risk that go along with having the procedure done. There are several stages of getting dental implants installed, and each stage brings potential complications that can lead to failure. Knowing the risks can help you have a successful surgery so that the implant can remain in place for your lifetime.

Three Ways Veneers Can Protect Your Teeth

Veneers are a common cosmetic dentistry tool that can vastly improve the look of your smile. Whether your teeth are crooked, less than white, or damaged, veneers can take years off your appearance and make it look like you were born with perfect teeth. However, that’s not the only thing that veneers can do. If you have existing damage to your teeth, veneers can potentially protect them and improve your life.

8 Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Gums

There’s more to great oral care than brushing your teeth. In order to maintain a healthy mouth, it is important to take good care of your gums too. If you neglect your gums, you put yourself at risk of developing gum disease. Approximately half of Americans adults have gum disease. This oral health condition can lead to tooth loss, diabetes complications and even heart disease. Here are eight tips for taking better care of your gums.

Five Common Problems With Dental Implants And What To Do Next

Dental implants help restore your smile, your ability to speak clearly, and your ability to chew your food. However, getting dental implants is a major surgical procedure. You should be prepared for complications, even when your dentist says that the risks are low. (That way, if you have no complications or complaints at all, you can feel really good about your procedure.) Of those who experience post-surgical dental implant problems, the vast majority fall into the following categories.

Can You Get Dental Veneers?

Misshapen teeth can hurt your self-confidence. In the past, repairing the teeth might have required extensive dental work. However, advances in dental technology has led to the creation of dental veneers. The veneers are a simpler solution that can help create a perfect smile in a visit or two to the dentist. If you have misshapen teeth, here is what you need to know about dental veneers. Are You a Good Candidate?

Understanding Some Complications If An Oral Abscess Is Not Treated

If you have a relatively large lump or protrusion on your gum tissues, then you likely have something called an abscess. Abscesses are dangerous tissue infections that need to be treated as soon as possible, but some individuals will wait to see if the issue passes. However, abscesses will not go away on their own due to the way that the infection develops and the bacteria become trapped in the abscess itself.

A Quick Guide To The Use And Benefits Of Gingival Sculpting In The Field Of Cosmetic Dentistry

In a world where everyone seems to have a perfect smile, having gums that are disproportionate to the size of your teeth can be both awkward and embarrassing. In that instance, it’s a good idea to speak with your cosmetic dentist about gingival sculpting, which might also be known as gum contouring or gum reshaping. It often presents with both cosmetic and health benefits for your smile, while providing a quick recovery.

Questions And Answers To Demystify Dental Implants

Implant dentistry can seem quite complicated. After all, during an implant installation, a false tooth is implanted into your mouth. Still, it may not be as complex as you think. Here are a few questions and answers to help demystify dental implants: How do dental implants work? Dental implants are designed to replace natural teeth that have been lost. Each implant is actually a small screw-like device that is made from titanium metal.

The Path to Happiness May Be Through Your Mouth

Have you been to the dentist lately? If you have, pat yourself on the back. Congratulations on taking a major step to a happier life! If you haven’t, pick up the phone and get an appointment set as soon as possible. Your dentist is waiting to help you live a happier, healthier life. Yes, your dentist. You may have heard that your dental health is connected to your overall health, but did you know that it may also be helping or hindering your ability to feel happy?

2 Common Ways To Restore Your Teeth

Going to the dentist may not be high on your list of fun things to do, but if you want to have best dental health possible, this is something you should considering doing. The good news is that dental technology has come to a long ways in the past few decades and this makes it easier than ever for you to get dental work done. Being aware of some of the most common methods for restoring your teeth may be good to know.

Pediatric Dental Care Myths Parents Should Not Believe

If you are wanting to make sure that your child’s oral health is protected against common hazards, you will need to have a strong knowledge about pediatric dental topics. Unfortunately, misinformation regarding these topics will have the potential to lead well-meaning parents to make serious mistakes when it concerns caring for their child’s dental needs. Myth: Children Only Need To Visit The Dentist Once Their Full Set Of Teeth Have Developed

Dental Treatment May Help Relieve Your Headaches

In some cases, chronic headaches are related to oral health. In fact, about 80 percent of headaches stem from muscle tension—a bad bite being a common cause.  Oral health problems that put pressure on the jaw joints often lead to tension headaches and symptoms such as aching jaw muscles, popping jaw joints, ringing in the ears, and pain behind the eyes. Headaches related to your dental health may even be accompanied by neck, shoulder, or back pain.

Be Prepared For Getting Your Braces Put On: 4 Tips For A Smooth Transition

Preparing to get braces? If so, then you’re likely looking forward to the end result of a more beautiful smile, but you may also be feeling understandably nervous about getting your braces put on. While getting used to braces isn’t a walk in the park, there are some tips you can keep in mind to make transitioning to braces easier and more comfortable on yourself as you prepare for your orthodontist appointment.

3 Things to Know About Dental Veneers

If you want to improve your smile, you may want to strongly consider getting veneers. This is a dental procedure that can drastically alter your teeth. The good news is that this process only takes two visits to your dentist to have done, and you’ll see substantial results. It’s ideal to know as much as possible about dental veneers if you’re thinking about having this procedure done. The process Of course, you will want to know what to expect when arriving to get veneers.

Dental Implants Versus Dentures: Why Implants Are Better

Are you in need of a set of artificial teeth? Are you trying to decide whether to purchase ordinary dentures or if it’s worth the extra expense of buying implants instead? There are many reasons for choosing one type of dental appliance over another, but implants are often the best choice for many people. To understand why that is, here are some of the ways that dental implants are better than simply buying dentures:

Debridement, Scaling, And Root Planing: A Look At The Deep Cleanings Available At The Dentist

Regular dental cleanings play a vital role in general dental treatment and maintaining your oral health and catching any potential problems before long-term damage occurs. But if you don’t visit the dentist regularly, the simple cleanings might not provide enough of a cleanse for the dentist to successfully examine and treat any underlying problems. When a deep clean becomes necessary, your general or family dentist might turn to either a debridement or a scaling and root planing.

3 Ways To Treat Jawbone That Has Resorbed Due To Tooth Loss

Your jawbone stays healthy in part due to the slight, constant friction provided by the roots of your natural teeth. The friction helps stimulate vital tissues and cells to generate and keep the bone vital. Loss of a tooth due to trauma or decay removes that needed root friction and your jawbone can quickly resorb or deteriorate. The dwindling bone can put other natural teeth at risk and take you off the list of candidates for a dental implant to replace the missing tooth.

What Is An Alveoloplasty And What Dental Problems Does It Help

When you lose a tooth due to trauma or decay, the surrounding jawbone loses a valuable source of health promotion. The roots of a natural tooth provide a gentle friction that stimulates the production of nerves, cells, and tissue that keep the bone healthy. Loss of that friction can cause the jawbone to quickly lose density and deteriorate. Jawbone loss can cause neighboring teeth to become unstable and also make it harder for your dentist to place many dental replacement options.

Emergency Tooth Replacement: Is Dental Bonding an Option?

If you have suddenly broken a tooth and do not have the money to pay for an implant or bridge, you may want to consider dental bonding. Dental bonding offers many benefits that may be appealing to you over other tooth replacement options. However, it is not without its drawbacks. The following are some pros and cons of getting a broken tooth bonded. Dental Bonding Defined Dental bonding is the process of applying tooth colored resin to teeth using adhesive and a high intensity curing light.

Ways To Remove White Spots On Your Teeth After Braces

Dental braces can be extremely helpful at correcting crooked teeth. Unfortunately, wearing them for extended periods of time can sometimes cause unsightly white spots to appear on tooth enamel. This is essentially because the braces prevent proper cleaning on certain surfaces of the teeth and also provide areas for bacteria to hide. The bacteria then gradually erode enamel and minerals on your teeth, causing white spots to occur. This article will provide simple remedies to help mask or remove such spots after your braces are removed so as to restore a healthy smile.

Need To Repair A Tooth Chip? Get A Natural Looking Repair

If you have a small chip in your tooth and you want to get it fixed but you don’t want to have a lot of work done, there are some different options you can consider to repair it. You’ll want to see a dentist that specializes in cosmetic repairs, to ensure that they know how to fix the tooth so it looks natural. The type of chip, location in the mouth, and insurance you have may affect which option you want to choose for your repairs.

How to Ensure Your Child's Teeth Remain Healthy

You may be very dedicated to practicing great oral hygiene for yourself, but it’s possible that you have a more relaxed stance on it with your kids. The assumption is that baby teeth eventually come out, so any potential problems will be corrected when the adult teeth grow in. However, the truth is that kids can easily have dental problems like adults do even though they have baby teeth, and these problems can cause pain and discomfort just the same.

2 Tips To Prevent Your Forsus Appliance From Breaking

A bad bite can cause your teeth to sit either too far forward or too far back. While this issue can ruin the overall look and aesthetics of your smile, it can also make it difficult to eat properly. In order to help alleviate this problem, your dentist may install a forsus appliance. This appliance attaches to your molars and pushes your upper molars backward while moving the rest of your mouth forward. When worn regularly, a forsus appliance can permanently correct your bite problem. Wearing a forsus appliance constantly can also result in it breaking if you are not careful.

Tips For Getting Braces After Forty

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have perfectly-positioned teeth. This is why it is estimated that more than four million people in the United States wear braces to correct these tooth misalignment issues. Adolescence is when most dentists recommend braces, but increasing amounts of adults are opting for braces at later ages. If you weren’t able to wear braces in the past and you’re currently older than forty, then you might feel that your age is too advanced for them.

Metal Amalgam Vs. Composite Fillings: Which Is Better For A Molar Tooth Cavity?

The molar teeth are the rearmost teeth in each section of your mouth. Molars have wide tops with multiple cusps meant to help the teeth grind food into small bits before you swallow. Cavities in molars can often be treated with a dental filling. There are a variety of dental filling materials available, but two of the most common are metal amalgam and composite resin. Which of these common materials is a better choice for a molar tooth filling?

Considering Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Teen

If your teen has come to you with a request for cosmetic dentistry, it is important that you hear them out. Sometimes procedures that may be called cosmetic can actually do some good for your child’s oral and mental health. Here are three common cosmetic dentistry procedures and why your teen might benefit from these options. 1. Teeth Straightening Your teen may not have been blessed with a perfect, straight smile.

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can significantly improve the look of your smile by smoothing the teeth’s texture, hiding stains and eliminating small gaps. The application process involves removing a very small amount of tooth enamel and using a resin adhesive to secure the veneers. According to several studies reported on Animated Teeth, porcelain veneers typically last at least 10 years. You can prolong the life of your smile by caring for you veneers and the teeth underneath.

3 Things You Need To Know Before Going In For Sedation Dentistry

If you have been considering going in for sedation dentistry, here are a few things that you need to know before you go in for your dental office visit. #1 It’s Vital That You Share Your Full Medical History Generally when you go to your dentist, you are not that worried about sharing updates about your current medical history. However, when you go in for a sedation dentistry treatment, it is vital that you share your full medical history with your dentist.

Can Periodontal Disease Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about 5 percent of men who are forty, and the risk of suffering from this condition increases with age. There are many reasons why a man may be unable to obtain or sustain an erection, but a surprising possible cause may be periodontal disease. Here’s more information about this issue. Periodontal Disease and Erectile Dysfunction At first blush, it may not seem like there’s much connection between oral and genital health.

3 Reasons To Pick A Subperiosteal Implant Over The Usual Jaw-Anchored Type

When it comes to dental implants, most patients think that all implants are based around a post that anchors into the natural jaw bone tissue. However, there are also implants that use a metal frame embedded deep into the gum tissue alone to support the prosthetic tooth without relying on the underlying bone structure. Find out how a subperiosteal dental implant could better fit your health needs than a endosteal, or bone-anchored, implant.

Alternative Ways To Eat The Foods You Crave But Can't Eat When You Have Braces

When you have braces, the list of foods that you cannot eat can seem endless. However, the inability to eat what you want does not stop you from craving your favorites. If you still want to satisfy your cravings, below are three alternative ways to eat foods you crave without risking damage to your braces Enjoy Homemade Cooked Apples Instead Of Raw Ones Since raw apples are hard, you run the risk of damages your wires or dislodging the brackets when you bite into them.

Dental Tips: 3 Natural Drinks That May Enhance Your Oral Health

There is so much that you can do to keep your teeth healthy, from a strict oral care regimen to listening to your dentist’s advice. Yet, there is still more that you can do, and this guide will show you how to do this with a few drinks. The State Of Store-Bought Drinks The truth is you cannot escape carbohydrates, as they are necessary, but moderation is key. One type of carbohydrate that you need to worry about are processed sugars or refined sugars.

Three Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your First Appointment With A Cosmetic Dentist

Visiting a cosmetic dentist is a great first step in achieving a brighter, whiter, fuller, and healthier smile. Cosmetic dentistry can repair your teeth in a way that will not only prevent major health problems in the future, but also to ensure that your confidence is boosted and you will be able to smile in public without any embarrassment. Here are three tips for getting the most out of your first appointment with a cosmetic dentist:

What Are The Best And Worst Dental Replacement Options If You Grind Your Teeth?

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is an involuntary motion that can cause substantial damage to your teeth. If you have lost teeth to either the grinding, trauma, or general decay, the teeth grinding can also pose a risk to your dental replacement selected to fill the missing tooth or teeth gap. You can discuss ways to minimize your teeth grinding with your dentist or cosmetic dentistry specialist. Treatments might include a mouth guard, physical therapy, stress relief tactics, and even potential jaw surgery.

Say Goodbye To Cavities: 3 Vitamins And Supplements For Your Oral Health

Tooth decay is one of the most chronic diseases amongst children and adults alike. The worst part about it is that tooth decay is 100 percent preventable. Luckily, the prevalence of cavities has reduced over the years, it is still a major concern among many, especially young children. If you’re looking for a way to naturally reduce, prevent and treat tooth decay, here are a few vitamins and supplements that you may want to consider adding to your diet:

Trouble With Your Jaw? 4 Signs You Might Have TMJ

If you think you should only see your dentist when you have problems with your teeth, you’re incorrect. You should also see your dentist when you have problems with your jaw. One specific condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder – or TMJ – can cause significant problems for you. In some cases, you might not even realize you have something wrong with your jaw. Here are four symptoms you should watch out for.

Dental Tips: 3 Natural Alternatives To Traditional Mouthwash

Sometimes you may feel like you need a little extra help with your oral health. But you may not need expensive solutions or even a secret recipe. You can swish a few things around your mouth, and they will get the job done. The following are a few things you can use that will help improve your oral health. They are simple and filled with oral goodness that should help improve your oral health.

3 Ways To Improve Your Child's Oral Health

As a parent, you are an advocate for your child’s health, whether you are taking them to the dentist or teaching them healthy habits to take care of their teeth and gums. You already know that you should take your child to the dentist at least twice a year and encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day. You can also take steps every day to boost your child’s oral health.

Beyond Calcium: 3 Nutrients You Need For Dental Health

When most people think of dental health, calcium is the first nutrient that comes to mind. While this mineral is certainly important for keeping your teeth strong and in good shape, it is not the only nutrient necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. If you want to preserve your dental health, you should ensure you’re getting enough of these three nutrients, too. Vitamin D Vitamin D plays a role in helping the calcium make its way into your teeth, from your bloodstream.

Dental Care Tips For College Kids

If your college-aged child just left to start their next adventure, it can be worrisome that they won’t remember to take the best care of themselves. Part of their daily care routine should be keeping up on dental care. If your child has just moved out of the home, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that their dental routine is kept up while they are in college.

Six Bad Habits to Avoid with Dentures

Dentures can give you back your confidence so that you are once again smiling. Although you won’t have to worry about cavities with your dentures, there are still some bad habits that can ruin that new smile. The following are few things you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your dentures looking good. Bad Habit #1: Smoking Smoking isn’t just bad for your health, it is also hard on your dentures.

Which Type Of Bridge Is Right For You?

If you’re missing teeth, a bridge can help fill in the gaps. This restores your full smile, giving your teeth a better appearance. It also helps correct bite issues, making it easier to chew and preventing surrounding teeth from slipping into the space created by your missing teeth. Talk to a local dentist (such as David Semrau, DDS) for help making a final decision on which type of bridge is best for your personal situation.

Understanding Invisible Braces: What You Need To Know

When it comes to needing orthodontic work, many children and teens are none too excited about the prospect. After all, middle school and high school are tough on kids anyway, as you may very well remember. And that is even without metal brackets decorating their teeth for years. So, if your child needs orthodontic work, they may have asked you if they can get invisible braces, such as Invisalign. Before you make a decision one way or the other, be sure to get all of the important facts about invisible braces.

Stemmed Dental Implants: An Intriguing New Invention

If you are considering getting dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, ask the dentist about a recent innovation known as stemmed implants. These devices offer some advantages over the conventional screw implants. Stemmed implants are not available to the public yet, but if the technology sounds intriguing to you, the dentist might be able to help you participate in a clinical trial.  About Stemmed Dental Implants These new dental implants have two straight metal rods that are inserted into the jawbone.

4 Tips For Reducing Tooth Sensitivity

Do you have overly sensitive teeth? Do you cringe in pain when you eat certain foods, or when your dentist pokes at some of your teeth? That sensitivity is usually caused be a loss of enamel, which serves as a protective coating for your teeth. When you lose enamel, your teeth’s nerves and roots can become exposed, leading to those sharp pains you may feel when you eat certain foods. To reduce the pain, you’ll likely need to stop the enamel loss and take steps to protect your teeth.

2 Amazing Ways Science Is Improving Dental Implants

Dental implants are already a pretty amazing innovation. Instead of being stuck with dentures or bridges that move around in your mouth or affect your speech, your dentist can give you a replica of an actual tooth that is so close to the actual tooth that no one can see the difference, and you can’t even feel the difference. However, dental implants may soon be even more advanced and amazing. Take a look at two remarkable innovations that are making dental implants an even better choice for your mouth.

About the Dangers of Leaving Your Child's Cavity Untreated

Does your child have a sensitive tooth due to having an untreated cavity? Prompt treatment from a pediatric dentist, like those at Alaska Dentistry For Kids, is necessary because the cavity can get worse and lead to a damaged pulp chamber. Know the dangers of an untreated cavity, as well as what you will be charged on average to get it filled. What is Dangerous About Leaving a Cavity Untreated? If you don’t get your child’s cavity treated soon enough, it will continue to damage the enamel of the tooth.

4 Things That Great Dental Patients Do Before Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are desirable by those who are looking to replace any missing teeth that they may have. If this is the case for you, you will find that your smile will appear fuller and healthier and you will no longer be embarrassed to smile in front of the camera. However, before you actually go in for the procedure of dental implants, you will want to remember these four things you must do:

What To Do If You Chip A Front Tooth

Even though your teeth can withstand plenty of crunching and munching, there are times when chewing on ice, grinding your teeth, or playing a rough sport might cause you to chip one. A chipped front tooth not only looks unsightly, but can also be pretty painful and annoying. Should you suffer a chipped tooth, follow these steps to handle the situation properly: Step 1: Ease the pain. If the chip is large, it may expose the deeper layers of your teeth, where sensory nerves reside.

4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Cavities

For many people, visiting the dentist isn’t a pleasant experience. More often than not, though, this has less to do with the dentist than with the sorry state of the patient’s dental health and the huge cost to fix it. One of the biggest culprits of sub-par dental health is the simple cavity–a hole in the tooth caused by plaque and the germs it carries. Read on to discover four easy ways to avoid cavities (and sky-high dental bills) in the future.

3 Oral Health Concerns That Come With Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, your whole life changes. It is an exciting period in your life that is full of new challenges and hopes. Taking care of your body must be a high priority; being in good health means that your baby can develop with minimal risk of complications. During pregnancy, you should still focus on making sure that your mouth is healthy. Your oral health is reflective of your overall health, and as your body changes during pregnancy, your oral tissues can become affected.

Causes And Prevention Of Dental Implant Failure

Dental implants are one of the best options available for dealing with missing teeth, but it is not without complications. Although most people who have the implants do not experience problems, there are a few people who do have implant failure. To avoid implant failure, it is important you understand what it is and what you can do to prevent it: What Is Dental Implant Failure? Dental implant failure occurs when the implant does not properly fuse to your jawbone.

Lost A Tooth To Extraction? Here's Why You Need To Fill That Hole

Dentists, such as Quality Dental Care, try hard to save natural teeth whenever possible. But sometimes a tooth is so damaged – due to either trauma or decay – that there is no option but to extract the tooth. It might be tempting to simply leave the now empty space as it is, instead of paying big for a replacement. But there are some serious potential problems when leaving a tooth gap.

Dental Abscesses: Symptoms And Treatment

If you have a toothache that is continuous, severe and that results in a throbbing or shooting pain, these are often indicators that you might have an abscessed tooth. If this infection kills the tooth, your toothache may stop. However, the infection is still going to be there, spreading and destroying tissue. So if you have any of the following symptoms, you should go to a dentist even if the pain goes away:

Laser Dentistry – The Benefits And Applications Of Laser Technology In The Dentist's Office

Currently, only about 6% of dentists employ laser dentistry today, but this emerging technology is becoming more popular. Lasers use a very concentrated beam of light to do dental work instead of traditional drilling techniques. If you’re looking for comfort and safety in the dentist’s office, you may want to find a dentist offering the latest laser technology in the office. Laser Dentistry Applications By using lasers, dentists are able to perform many dental procedures for both common and uncommon dental procedures.

Emergency Medical Care—Quick, What To Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth From An Accident

If your son or daughter has recently experienced a dental trauma and one or more teeth was lost, it is crucial to remember that even after a tooth was lost, it can still be successfully re-implanted. However, there are strict time limits for doing so and missing even one tooth can be risky to their future dental health.  When Do You Do When A Young Child Lost A Tooth From An Accident Or Injury?

3 Problems You Might Encounter When Getting New Braces And What To Do

If you’ve made an investment in new braces, it’s likely because you’re interested in changing the physical appearance of your teeth for the better and improving your dental health. Still, the first few weeks after your braces are installed can sometimes be frustrating. You may encounter some issues with your teeth that you have obviously never dealt with before. The important thing is to remember that all of the hassle will be worth it in the end.